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The Catalan government awards the Pla Telemàtica 2000 to the council of Lleida

Date of publication: 20/9/1999

The jury of the SI-Local awards, which are convened by the commissioner of the Societat de la Informació (SI) de la Generalitat de Catalunya (the information society of the government of Catalonia), have awarded Lleida council a runners up prize in the category of activities moved by councils in the ambits of information technology in municipalities of more than 5,000 inhabitants. The Paeria presented the Pla Telemàtica 2000, and iniciative of the Institut Municipal d’Informàtica (IMI) (municipal IT institute), at this contest.

ACCÉS - municipal institute of Information technology

The municipal institute of information technology develops the Pla Telemàtica 2000 with the aim of:
  • 1. Promoting an educational system open to new technologies.
  • 2. Creating a productive system that takes advantage of the creative capacity of citizens.
  • 3. Promoting competitiveness and capacity for business in the industrial fabric and services of the city.
These aims are framed, in the civic ambit, in the best of quality of life of the citizens and to supply the contact of the institution with the citizens.

The IMI works to promote information technology with the aim of helping to gain information on society's behalf, as a first step to the integration of men and women to the information society.

The activities of the Pla Telemàtica 2000 that have been given awards are:
  • 1.Neighbourhood Itinerant lecture rooms on IT
  • 2. IT itinerate museum
  • 3. City of Lleida IT Prizes
  • 4. Telematic letter to the three kings
  • 5. Esportmania IT
The SI-Local prizes endeavour to promote the role of the councils as movers of the assimilation of information technology.

The judges of the awards decided on their verdict on 15 th and the public awards ceremony is soon to take place. Lleida council's runners' up prize was of the quantity of 500,000 pesetas.

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