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Start Recognitions is one of the 10 best municipal websites in Spain according to Ciberpaís is one of the 10 best municipal websites in Spain according to Ciberpaís

Date of publication: 25/6/2004

The study carried out by the newspaper El País, who analysed the websites of the capitals and cities with a population of more than 75,000, situates Lleida council in the second position of the number of on-lines procedures.

ACCÉS - municipal institute of Information technology

The website of the Paeria is the tenth best municipal website in Spain according to the 4 th Radiography of municipal websites that is carrying out on an annual basis by the Ciberp@ís supplement. The Ciberp@ís study analyses 13 factors: network procedures, digital certificates, downloads of printouts, payments, follow-up, street listing, urban transport, information on plenums, search engines, website maps, links, mailbox and mobile phone messaging service.
The digital entry of Lleida council has gained second place (the first place was gained by Avilés council) for the procedures that can be made on the internet, it has received 8 out of 10 points for its street listing search facility, 9 points for the number of printouts that can be consulted on-line and 10 points for network payments.

The website for Lleida council goes before websites from such places as Madrid, Vitoria, Valencia and Pamplona from the total 89 cities analysed. The classification of 1 to 10 from the Ciberpaís study is the following: Barcelona (286 punts), Alcobendas (246,7), Bilbao (243,3), Saragossa (239,3), Girona (237,3), Mataró (236), Valladolid (236), San Sebastián (235,3), La Coruña (235,3) and Lleida (233,3).

In general, Ciberpaís qualifies the website of the Paeria as “very useful”.

On-line procedures

During 2003 and what remains of 2004 14,798 procedures have been made on-line through the website of the Paeria, according to data from ACCÉS. More than 3,000 of these procedures correspond to activities like the electoral census, economic ambit, and inscriptions for sporting activities, children's activities, and playgroups, the sustainability ambit, occupation of public way or personal services. The rest include informative operations carried out through the general information and consultations and information collection mailbox. It is calculated that each procedure or consultation requires 3 hours of dedication from the citizen (in terms of journey time, document collection and research) therefore; the procedures carried out by Internet represented a saving of some 1,900 working days.

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