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Lleida, second in the 'Ciberp@is' radiography of municipal websites

Date of publication: 30/6/2005

The council’s website is classified as the best of all the Catalan cities.

ACCÉS - municipal institute of Information technology

The website for the council of Lleida has achieved second place in the classification made by 'Ciberp@is' of web pages of Spanish capitals and municipalities with over 75,000 inhabitants. In the fifth edition of the study, the supplement of new technologies in the newspaper 'El País' situates as the second best website after Zaragoza and the first in Catalonia, in front of Sabadell (4th), Barcelona (6th) and Hospitalet de Llobregat (10th).

The work highlights that Lleida is one of fourteen cities to have certification, one of the points evaluated, together with the capacity of the websites to issue printouts, citizens' advice by e-mail, the possibility of paying through a network and to make on line procedures and the availability of detailed information of the map of the municipality and transport, all aspects of which are adhered to by the Paeria. The website receives 90,000 visits every month and, currently 150 procedures can be carried out. In 2004 1,240 news items were published, a section that permits the consultation of archives with more than 2,600 pieces of information filed since 2002. Josep Clotet, director of the Institut Municipal d'Informàtica-Accès, assures in the 'Ciberp@is' study the municipal website's services have saved citizens 4,000 working days out of one year “counted by the number of journeys that were no longer necessary for each network processing and window time”.

In the 2004 edition of the study Lleida occupied tenth place. The number of monthly visits was 45,000, half the amount of this year. The work also highlighted the constancy of the Paeria, as it is one of the four councils that, in recent years, have responded punctually to the questionnaire that Ciberp@ais addresses to the communication offices so as to complete their work.

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