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Prize for quality awarded to

Date of publication: 9/6/2005

The council’s website has acheived first prize for quality , awarded by the Internet quality agency (IQUA), from the Consejo del Audiovisual de Cataluńa (the Audiovisual council of Catalonia) .

ACCÉS - municipal institute of Information technology

The mayor of Lleida Àngel Ros, and the councillor president of d'Acces – Institut Municipal d'Informàtica, Montse Mínguez, received the award from the hands of the president of the Audiovisual council of Catalonia, Mr Francesc Codina i Castillo, in the Winterhzur Auditorium, Barcelona on 21st June.
The internet quality agency convened the 1 st IQUA prize for internet quality, to award the website that achieved the highest level of quality, in accordance with the criteria set by IQUA and which are set out in the conditions of the assembly. This award, of two parts, is for public administrations and private companies, it evaluates the quality of their web pages, from their accessibility to their user friendliness, the content, technology etc. It includes all the public administrations, working within the state, autonomous and connected organisation, and Andorran public administrations. In the other part of the award private entities and companies are included.

The award involves the incorporation of the website and it's award classification in the gallery of entities awarded by the IQUA, the incorporation of the annual report of this entity and the presentation of a piece of artwork by the designer Victor Caparrós.

The jury, constituted by the president of IQUA, three members of the Audiovisual council of Catalonia, Navarra and Andorra, and the general secretary of the organisation, has awarded the 1 st prize to the website of the council of Lleida, that along with other councils and entities were included in this assembly.

The Internet quality agency (IQUA) is dependent on the Audiovisual council of Catalonia whose objective is that of improving the quality of the Internet and guaranteeing the authenticity and adequacy of the content disclosed in the websites.

To this end, the public and private entities with internet presence can solicit the homologation of quality from this organisation, which audits, and in the case that the rules are met, awards a certification, that must be renewed every year.

This certification appears in the welcome page of the certified websites.

Up until now more than five hundred public and private entities have joined.

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